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To say that this commission was conceived simultaneously at the conversion of the Setman, Revd Timothy Oyelakin Olabiyi, is not an exaggerated statement. Over two decades ago, immediately he gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, God placed in his heart the burden of raising sound Christians out of wayward and moralist youths. The burden kept on growing until the year 1993, when he caught a clear call from God in an early morning devotion from the book of Acts of the Apostle 13:7. This call germinated into a one-man army in the battle of soul winning and discipleship (known then as ‘follow up’). By the year 1997, after he completed an evangelical training at the Holy Spirit School of Evangelists (Evangelism barracks), Ilesha, the Lord commanded him to go back as a student to an higher institution with the primary assignment of soul winning and discipleship.

After wedding Pastor Eniola Boluwatife Olabiyi, the Lord commanded the couple to become spiritual parents to the younger generation. It was in obedience to this instruction that their small apartment had to become the first Destiny College Centre in the year 2001 until 2009 when their accommodation could no longer contain the growth of Destiny College.

Who we are
Who we are

The need for a better platform to fulfil this calling more effectively led to the divine appointment of the Setman into University system (LAUTECH, Ogbomoso) as an Animal scientist, a place he later discovered his major audience. It is worthy of note that the appointment came when he had agreed with the Lord to give priority above all other duties to the assignment, within the period of time he will be permitted to serve as a staff in the University. It is awesome to reveal that this platform was what gave birth to the official christening of the commission as ‘TRANSFIGURATION ARK MISSION’ in the year 2007 with the monthly prayer meeting tagged ‘AT BETHEL’. This prayer meeting attracted men from various fellowships on campus with abounding testimonies.

As the need to meet up with the growing number of disciples arose, the Lord in an annual family retreat instructed the couple to commence DESTINY COLLEGE formally in the year 2008, with the mandate of teaching disciples to experience kingdom principles as a way of enjoying kingdom life. It is this college that is presently referred to as the nucleus of the assignment. Since 2008, Destiny College has grown tremendously from the first two sessions of about 20 students that held in the home of Revd & Pastor (Mrs) Oyelakin Olabiyi to a class of over 150. Presently, Destiny College has grown today into 11 centers namely: Ogbomoso, Ilorin, Ado-Ekiti, Ife, Iwo, Ilesha, Lagos, Osogbo, Ibadan, Akure and Lokoja. All centers are growing steadily and are the training avenues of the assignment in all the locations they’re present with each center unique in its mandate and assignment according to the openings and access God is giving each.

This same year (2008), came an instruction to organise a camp meeting during the Easter geared towards the spiritual rejuvenation of disciples. It was tagged PRAYER SCHOOL with the Theme: Effective Prayer. The 70 participants of the retreat still share the testimonies up till date. After the maiden edition of Prayer School in 2009, the Lord miraculously convinced a few brothers and sisters, to become a co-labourers in the labour, hence, the recruitment of the workers of the commission by the Owner of the work, our Lord Jesus Christ resumed.

The discipleship/mentoring work of the commission was faced with the challenge of raising holistic Christians, hence the face of God was sought and another camp meeting commenced year 2009 called REALITY CONFERENCE. The conference has grown to become a significant outreach arm of the commission with God confirming the giant step with signs and wonders. Christians that can represent Christ in all spheres of life have been emerging from the conference since its inception till date. Reality conference is growing into a mobile outreach to campuses as is reflected from this year.

Who we are
Who we are

The Lord immediately after then began giving open doors in outreaches and itinerant ministrations in a greater frequency to campuses and fellowships. The commission in this season pursued several outreaches to different campuses especially within the South-west and some part of North Central Nigeria. This phase of the assignment lasted some years into 2012.

In May 2009, though in a quiet but powerful way, the Lord gave the commission the privilege of contributing significantly, uniquely and effectively to the marital life of Christian youths. Marriage seminars both on invitation and the one organised by the commission has achieved a lot in this area. The Lord has also approved the commencement of the ‘CHRISTIAN HOME ACADEMY’ (a training and refreshing seminar for Christian couples and couples-to-be in courtship with the mandate of producing Christian homes in its practicality, advancing from the mere religious perspectives of the Christian home.

One consistent feature of the commission is the growth changes God brings as we apply ourselves to His instructions. Such changes have affected the structure, the strategy, and running of the assignment consistently. In March 2012, the commission was re-named TRANSFIGURATION ARK REVIVAL MISSION after registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission to further reflect the yearnings and deepest aspirations of the commission. That year was another significant milestone in the history of the assignment as God, in conformation with the revival mandate of the commission, began to give more openings to the adult audience and church platforms. This is well reflected in the itinery of the Setman and the openings God is giving us in our Destiny College Centers. It is in this phase the assignment is growing presently as we pursue the God-given mandate of erecting God’s altar in the hearts of men.

This commission has confirmed beyond any iota of doubt that FAITHFUL IS HE THAT CALLETH YOU WHO WILL ALSO DO IT (I Thess 5:24). Since the inception, we’ve remained focus to our watchword ‘Erecting God’s altar in the heart of men’ Psalm 42:1-3. With the mandate of global spiritual parenting of the coming generation in the true faith (Gen 32:14). As ‘Ark’ (a container of God’s presence) the commission still remains firm in its revival, discipleship and mentoring outreaches (Joshua 3:15-17). This commission by the strength of our God shall be known as ‘OXYGEN’ resuscitating the ‘dead’ and the ‘dying’ body of Christ across the globe. ‘Life will flourish wherever this water flows’ (Ezek 47:9).

To God Be The Glory!

Who we are

The Set-Man and His Wife

Who we are

Revd. Dr. Timothy Oyelakin Olabiyi is an ordained minister of the Gospel with a unique mandate of raising true ambassadors of Christ who are firebrands in their sphere of influence and bringing revival to the body of Christ. He became born again on August, 1992. Like Paul the apostle, his call into the ministry came almost immediately after he met the Lord. He has since his conversion had an ever-burning passion to see men saved and maximize God’s purpose for their lives.

Pastor Lakin, as he is popularly called is a much sought-after speaker in campuses, conferences and churches. He is a dynamic leader. He preaches with cutting edge prophetic unction that leaves his audience in deep prayers before he concludes his message. He is the President of Transfiguration Ark Revival Ministry, a Christian organization committed to raising breeds of Christians who deeply yearn after God by erecting God’s altar in their hearts. He also serves as an Animal Scientist at the Department of Physiology, Ladoke Akintola University of Technololgy, Ogbomoso.

Revd. Lakin is an alumnus of Federal College of Animal Health And Production (Moor Plantation), Ibadan. He also holds a PhD in Christian Leadership from United Missionary Church of Africa Theological College (UMCATC), Ilorin.

He is happily married to Pastor Mrs. Eniola Boluwatife Olabiyi, who is actively involved with him in the ministry. She is also a minister of the Gospel called into intercession and counseling ministry. Her motherly and pastoral heart is a tremendous blessing to the work of God in the hands of her husband. Her accurate prophetic unction and the gift of faith are major pivots of her ministry. She is also in women ministry. She was an administrative staff of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology before she resigned into her present assignment. Pastor Mrs. Olabiyi is an alumnus of Federal Cooperative College, Eleyele, Ibadan and a graduate of United Missionary Church Of Africa Theological College (UMTCATC), Ilorin.

She has faithfully combined her roles as wife and mother with the ever growing demands of the ministry. They live in Ilorin, Nigeria and their union is blessed with two sons, Marvelous and Faithfulness.

Our Vision

Our vision is summarized in the slogan of the commission thus:
…erecting God’s altar in the hearts of men
-Ps 42:1-2

The Spirit of the Assignment (Core Values)

  • The Spirit of Fellowship- Mark 3:14, John 14:10

  • The Spirit of Service - Mark 10:42-43, Luke 22:27

  • The Spirit of Commitment - John 13:1, Luke 9:62

  • The Spirit of Excellence - John 7:15, Daniel 6:3

  • The Spirit of Integrity - John 16:4, I Samuel 12:1-4

  • The Spirit of Sacrifice - II Corinthians 12:15, Luke 9:57-58

  • The Spirit of Humility - Philippians 2:3-9

  • The Spirit Of Loyalty - 1Cor 4:2, 17; 2 Tim 2:1-2.

  • The Spirit Of Love - 1Cor 13:1-8

  • The Spirit of Pilgrimage - Heb 11:8-10, 13:14.

Our Core Thrusts (Mission)

Transfiguration Ark Revival Ministry fulfills her mandate on the following platforms:

  • Soul Winning : turning the hearts of men to God through genuine repentance, conversion and salvation. Dan 12:3, John 3:3.

  • Revival : paving the way for the end time move of God’s power. Zech 8: 20-23.

  • Discipleship : the training arm of the mission that is primarily concerned with raising men in the likeness of Christ at Campuses and to the body of Christ at large. Matt 28: 19-20.

  • Leadership Development : as leaders go, so do their generations. This arm of the mission is concerned with raising men who are fit/ capable to raise others. Eccl 10:16-17.

  • Christian Home Building : this thrust of the mission seeks the building of homes that will be fit to represent Christ as the fundamental unit of ministry. Eccl 4:9-12; Mal 2:15.

Outreach Centres

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